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Sea Air International


For professional, experienced and streamlined importing support, get in contact with Sea Air International today.


From our offices in Dublin, Sea Air International offers clients a suite of import support services.
Navigating the complexities of goods importing can be a daunting task for less experienced people.
The majority of goods in Ireland are imported from the UK, Europe and outside the European Union.
We rely heavily on imports. All goods with the exception of EU goods must be cleared through Customs, and the appropriate duties and VAT paid at the point of entry into Ireland
Duty percentage rates vary depending on the item or commodity being imported and are calculated based on the CIF price. The VAT amount due is  calculated on both the CIF price + the duty amount payable. 

 Sea Air International

For more information on our import support services, get in contact with Sea Air International today.

Sea Air International Importing

Since 1989 Sea Air International have been supporting Irish businesses with their importing needs.
Our expertise includes imports from the United Kingdom, the EU and from counties outside the European Union.
Irish law has different rules and charges associated with imports from specific countries and regions. Our importing experts work directly with businesses ensure that their imports are as streamlined, efficient and as cost-effective as possible.

For importing advice and importing logistical support in Dublin and nationwide, get in contact with Sea Air International today.

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